Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie bites


For Thanksgiving I made pumpkin pie but this time I tried mini bite size pies of deliciousness. These are the perfect size, and they are delectable.  For this recipe I used canned pumpkin quick, easy and simple. Normally I believe fresh is best but surprisingly this turned out just fine. Making this during the Thanksgiving madness you expect a few little bumps in the road when using canned ingredients, but, the recipe turned better than I imagined.


This is a family favorite, I’m not a big fan of pie but even I have to admit this was so yummy! If you don’t believe me just try it.


If you aren’t sold on warm buttery flaky golden crust with the perfect amount of flour to butter ratio that made the ideal crust consistency, or maybe the sweet cinnamon flavored pie filling blended with tons of freshly mixed spices, so that each miniature bite is filled to the brim with intense flavor? This will have you sold. Just so yummy! What’s your favorite way to enjoy some pumpkin goodness; a pie, muffin, bar; tell me below?

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