This sweet cinnamon and sugar-coated Mexican treat is one of my all time favorites. Not because cinnamon is the main flavor in it.  It’s always ironic for people when they find out my name is Synnamon. Then they find out that I went to Johnson and Wales, a culinary school, to learn more about culinary and baking and pastry arts. It also makes me smile.


This sweet treat is my favorite because it reminds me of my childhood. It makes me happy and warm. So naturally I enjoyed every minute of making it and even more while eating them all! My mom even complained that I didn’t save a single one for her!18

From making the pat a choux*, an egg based dough that is made on the stove. Then immediately into hot frying oil. Finally I bathe every inch of the little fried bit of goodness in a cinnamon sugar mix. Then pop it in your mouth and enjoy!


This little treat was a little blast from the past when I was in high school in culinary class and need a quick pick me up. Or a couple of months ago when I was in college baking my life away making similar product like doughnuts and other pastries. These sweet and crunchy treats are sure to put a smile on even the meanest persons face!21

*Beat air into the dough while evaporating the liquid. Then slowly add the eggs into the cooked dough until fully incorporated to create a ball of dough so that when it is cooked it can make a perfect hollow golden light shell.



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