Focaccia bread


Focaccia Bread


This savory Italian bread is incredible! I love making fresh bread, and with this dough being very similar to pizza, which I love, making this dish was even more enjoyable. Focaccia is usually drizzled with a little olive oil, sea salt, and maybe some rosemary.  


But it is also another one of those versatile classics; there is so much to be done with a pan of focaccia! I wanted to include the simple, original ingredients and then develop the flavor profile even further by adding other fresh ingredients. Using a quality extra virgin olive oil certainly makes a difference here because the product is so straightforward in the first place. The more robust flavor of an extra virgin olive oil enhances the other ingredients. I took it a step further and infused some other flavors into the oil by heating them together. This made such a big difference!


And as I mentioned about the versatility of this recipe, all kinds of ingredients can top the focaccia. Personally, I used crab meat and olives, but use whatever calls to you! Freshly shredded cheese or roasted red peppers…. Comment below with ingredients you want to try with this focaccia.



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