About Me



Hey, I’m Synnamon! Yup, just like the spice! Spicy and all! I have a deep passion for food and cooking and the culinary arts since a very young age. It began with making eggs at two years old because I just couldn’t wait. I AM A FOOD BRAT (A food lover.. I think about food all the time.. When i’m hungry I want to eat food now, not later!).

I love cooking and baking my day away; sharing the delicious dishes and sweet treats with my friends and family. I come from a tight-knit family. We all get together often as holidays and birthdays come and go. The togetherness of my family has opened a door for me. It has always given me great reason to embrace the opportunity to cook. Sharing my food with the people closest to me has helped me on my culinary journey because they always give me true, genuine feedback about the things I cook to help better myself and my dishes. Now I want to share some of my delights with you! Join my culinary adventures by preparing and enjoying my recipes and get an inside ‘scoop’ on some of my life experiences.

When it comes to cooking, I love it. Spending all day indulging in the art .  playing with different flavor profiles and foods I enjoy it all.  I hope you guys like the mixture of things that I want to bring to Sinfull delights.Want to see more click here.

Baking is my secret love. If you find me in the kitchen at 3 am baking something up don’t be worried. I love getting my hands a little dirty. My focus was on cooking and little did I know  that baking would be so addicting or that I would even be good at it. But I found my hidden talent. Baking has me hooked, with a name like Synnamon and being in the culinary field studying, baking and pastry, what do you expect? Want to see some of my art click here .