Chickpea Sandwich


Not your regular tuna sandwich


The tuna in this sandwich was substituted with you guessed it chickpeas!

Within the last few of months, seven to be exact,  I have ventured along the path from vegetarian, pescetarian and now being fully vegan. Through trials and tribulations, I have come up with some very healthy vegan meals with help and guidance from (Pierre)
.  I would love to share these new recipes and the knowledge that I acquired with you on my journey.

Let’s get into the anatomy of this sandwich because it is amazing.


I started off with a whole wheat multi-grain bread which was toasted over medium heat using avocado oil until golden brown.  Next, we build the sandwich.  I added homemade vegan avocado mayo, which was so delicious.  Take a slice of bread and form a ring with kale leaves to hold in the delicious chickpea salad. Then add slices of cucumbers and tomatoes, red and onions. The other slice of bread is not to be forgotten and add a little sriracha.  It’s optional but enhances the flavor profile dramatically.

It was delicious. If you don’t believe me try it out for yourself.