Blackened salmon tacos


This recipe was so good and fun to make. I loved it. Initially, I intended to make this meal with shrimp but since my cousin has a shellfish allergy, I couldn’t. I changed the recipe to salmon. This decision resulted in some amazingly delicious tacos.

I started off with a salsa but not your normal type of salsa this salsa had pineapple in it.You might think pineapple salsa? But it was the perfect accompaniment. It has the right amount of zing, and sweetness to bring out the flavors in the salmon with the jerk seasoning and it is so good!.

To build the taco, I added plain coleslaw on the bottom of a lightly toasted tortilla. While it was cooking I cooked the salmon in the oven with some jerk seasoning and bake until well done. It’s a delicious recipe with bright sunny crunch. Give it a try it and comment below.